Arriving at El Rio y Mar. Patrik decided it was time to lose the shoes. (Photo: Lena Ollmark)A beautiful resort in a beautiful location. A bit of a climb to get this photo though ...Our diving started at breakfast. Loved these cups enough to buy a few.The dive staff at Dugong Dive Center were great. They deserve new office furniture though :-)We started our diving at the house reef by the pier, where you could find tiny Orbiculate cardinalfish.As well as a school of large Chevron Barracuda.And a GIANT school of Bigeye Trevally.Under the pier Lionfish hung around.On the day you arrive you get your personal bamboo drinking straw to hang on to. No plastic straws. Also, really great peanuts.At night - the sky!The main reason for our visit was to see a dugong though. And after a long boat trip and some intense swimming, we finally met him - Aban!I believe this is a Saddleback Clownfish. Looks a bit off though.There where Green Sea Turtles everywhere!Squids, the aliens of the sea.Lena over a giant head of Lettuce Coral.Cuttle fish, even more alien than the squid.Grumpy Jawfish.Tiny skittish ghost crabs on the beach outside our room.Green Anole in a tree outside our cabin.We where lucky to spot some of the monitor lizards hanging around the resort.

El Rio Y Mar

In March 2019, Lena and Patrik went to El Rio y Mar resort and Dugong Dive Center
at Busuanga Island in Palawan, the Philippines to dive, relax and look for dugongs.
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